Les artistes Limitrophe Production

Mop Mop

Vaudoo/Funk/Afrojazz I / De / INFRACom!
Contact : Clément Jaulin : 06 72 66 20 98

Projet instrumental résolument groove dont le genre pourrait se résumer comme tel : vaudoo-funk-afro-jazz.

Libération en parle : « Sous la haute influence de Kulu Sé Mama de John Coltrane, Isle Of Magic, le dernier disque des Italiens africanistes de Mop Mop explore un jazz tribal coloré de steel drums et de marimbas, invitant aussi bien Fred Wesley que Sara Sayed à danser des sambas sombres et des rondes vaudous. »

En tournée selon différentes formules (sound system, instrumentale) et accompagné ponctuellement de featuring live avec Anthony Joseph ou Ange Da Costa.

A bastard performance of modern Jazz based on riffs looped till monotony. Mop Mop is the brainchild of Andrea Benini, musician, producer, DJ who has been active for more than ten years exploring a large variety of musical genres, from Club to Jazz music. Anyone familiar with Mop Mop will already know that their refined style has already lend them a unique place somewhere between the worlds of Jazz, Funk, Latin and the Italian Postmodern style allowed the band to achieve the international film business as part of Woody Allen‘s « To Rome Wit h Lovove » movie soundtrack. But with their latest LP « Isl e Of Magic », Mop Mop digs even deeper to bring us one of their most engaging and organic records yet. Mop Mop‘s fourth studio album has come together over the course of a couple of years where producer Andrea Benini has been searching for new directions with the band.