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Guedra Guedra


Welcome to the DJ GUEDRA GUEDRA! aka DUBOSMIUM DJ & Producer mixing contemporary music selection from different ethnic music parts of the world from the psychedelic vintage music to global bass. Lineup connecting “East” and “West” “North” and “South”. DJ GUEDRA GUEDRA is especially influenced by the North African, Mediterranean vintage music, and Ethnic Global Bass. DJ GUEDRA GUEDRA!, better known as DUBOSMIUM, is making a bit of a name for himself in Morocco as an electronic world producer. Abdellah M. Hassak was captivated by music as a youngster and formed his first band when he was seventeen. His first musical efforts were fusions between rock, reggae and metal as well as with indigenous Moroccan musical styles. A few years ago, Abdellah M. Hassak became interested in the art of sampling and using electronic instruments. This led to him putting his first mini-album “Horizontal Plane Polar Dub” in 2006 which was an online-only release on Fresh Poulp Records with nick name DUBOSMIUM, In 2008, he released a second set “Green Element” with the same nick name, and since then he has become increasingly well-known in Morocco. This culminated this year in him appearing at the prestigious Mawazine Festival and winning an award for his performance. During 2010 & 2015 he was significant in developing the experimental by traveling, performing and collaborations with artists from several countries and cultures from Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Iran, United States of America, Egypt, Germany, Senegal …


Booker: Meïssa CHABANELabel: On The Corner

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