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Guedra Guedra


Now part of “On The Corner Records” family, Guedra Guedra is preparing a much-expected EP and LP. Rites are in the heart of “Son of Sun”, expressing an exaltation of tribal consciousness, in a contemporary musical universe. Immersive and chaotic musical arrangements give rhythm to the EP, inspired by the first epithets applied to the African continent, such as savagery and barbarism. Guedra Guedra proposes a synthesis of his pan- African sensibility and a full immersion in the traditional rhythms of North and West Africa, especially in the Berber culture, making reference to images of human animalism. All of that is mixed in a new musical energy and contemporary imprint that involves the listener, and the dancer.


Booker: Meïssa CHABANE / 06 35 23 15 73Label: On The Corner

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